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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Viking Games! You'll find no less than 5 different Viking Games, such as Viking Brawl & Mighty Viking.?

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Explore our collection of Viking games, games starring Scandinavian pirates and their longboats. Since Vikings are often mythologized for their violent coastal raids, most of the games you’ll find here are fighting games, war games and sword fight adventures. However, aside from raiding and pillaging monasteries and towns, they also farmed, hunted and did a lot of trading and exploring, travelling by sea to North Africa, the Middle East, and North America.

The Viking Age

The Viking Age spans the end of the 8th century until the 11th century. Vikings refers to Scandinavian people who traded and raided abroad during this time, but they were not actually a united group. The kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark hadn’t taken shape when the early Vikings set out on their journeys. Before the introduction of the Latin alphabet to Viking culture, Viking writing used symbols called runes.

Viking boats

Vikings used different types of boats. The most famous type is the longship. These were warships designed for speed and agility. A smaller type of longship called a Karve was also used for transport and coasting in shallower water. The Knarr was a sturdier ocean-going cargo ship used for trade and long voyages. Dead Viking chieftains were also buried in their ships, so that they could sail to the afterlife.

Romantic Vikings

In the late 18th and the 19th century, parts of Europe and the United states saw a renewed interest in Vikings, which was later dubbed the Viking Revival. In this period, depictions of Vikings were romanticized as rough and unkempt but noble heroes. Did you know that there’s no archeological evidence that Vikings ever wore horned helmets? The horned Viking helmet made its way into the popular imagination through Wagnerian opera. Those are more of a legacy of the costume designer Carl Emil Doepler than anything to do with the ‘Northmen’ of the Viking Age.

Start your Viking adventure

Are you ready to set out on your own Viking adventure? Grab your sword and row your oars. Sail the seas in search of gold and a place to establish your Viking settlement. Oh, and why not… you can bring your horned helmet, too.


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