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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Snake Games! You'll find no less than 23 different Snake Games, such as Happy Snakes & Paper Snakes.?

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You’ll find the best Snake games available on the net here at FunnyGames. From classic snake to multiplayer and .io versions like Happy Snakes, we’ve got it all. The objective of the game is to guide your snake through the maze or open space while collecting pips, fruit, and other nibbles. The more you swallow up, the bigger your snake will become. You have to avoid bumping into your own body, and this becomes increasingly difficult as the line you trail behind you keeps growing longer and longer… In multiplayer snake games, you’ll also have opponents to contend with. Make sure they don’t bite you!

The History of Snake

Snake hails from the late 1970s and was an adaptation of the arcade maze game Blockade (1976). In that game, players trailed a line behind them and had to survive for as long as they could without hitting any obstacles. The game mechanics were simple and easy to copy, leading to a series of similar games appearing for PCs and arcade consoles in the late 70s and early 80s, such as Surround, Worm, Nibbler, and Tron. The game eventually faded into obscurity for a while, until it was released as preloaded entertainment on Nokia phones. This brought Snake to a much wider audience and caused a new boom in popularity.

Types of Snake games

There are lots of different version of the game, and you’ll find a range of them on our website. Not sure where to start? You can read a bit more about the various editions below.

Classic Snake games

The original games were monochrome editions and featured large pixels. Online versions of classic snake usually play on these features of the arcade original, featuring 2D graphics, large pixels, and simple color schemes. Some versions even reproduce the appearance of the old monochrome mobile phone screens.

Multiplayer Snake games

In these games, you can compete against other online players. Cut off their path and force them to bump into your snake’s body to reduce them to glowing pips. When you eat lots of nibbles, your snake will not only grow longer but bigger and fatter as well. Try to become the largest serpent in the arena and rise to the top of the leader board. We offer a number of popular .io editions such as Slither.io, Worms.io, and Santa Snakes. For more, check out our complete overview of .io games.

Chomp Snake

There are also games with Snake-like mechanics in which you trail a line behind you that can be used to cut away sections of the arena and add them to your own territory. You’re safe inside your color-coded zone, but become vulnerable whenever you exit this area to seize territory. Make sure you don’t get intercepted! This subgenre is sometimes referred to as Chomp games, and our popular game Paper.io 2 is a good example.


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