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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Minecraft Games! You'll find no less than 21 different Minecraft Games, such as Grindcraft Remastered & GrindCraft.?

Free Minecraft games at FunnyGames

Minecraft is a game for creative people. Explore your surroundings and look for useful materials to collect. You can mine stone, metal ores, wood, soil, lava, and harvest plant matter. Use these materials to craft new items. All materials you’ve collected are rendered as 3D blocks called voxels, and you can stack them up to build anything you like: islands, towers, castles, temples, and more. In survival mode, you can battle enemies and monsters as well. Craft yourself some weapons, before you come under attack! For more games in which you have to create all kinds of constructions, check out our full catalogue of building games.

Minecraft – the freedom to play any way you like

Minecraft was thought up by the game developer Markus Persson and is one of the best-selling video games ever created. What makes Minecraft so attractive is the huge amount of freedom players have in terms of what they want to get out of the game. Unlike most other video games, there is no specific pre-set goal a player has to complete. Once you enter the world of Minecraft, you get to decide how you want to spend your time. It’s fine if you want to focus on building structures and crafting the tools you need to do that. If you feel like adding in a bit more action, choose survival mode and set out to build a shelter before nightfall brings out the zombies, giant spiders, skeletons, and other creeps.

Our Minecraft collection

Some of our Minecraft games are map-based, a bit like Adventure mode in the original game, while others are focused on designing your own Minecraft skins. Check out the fun game Grindcraft Remastered and see if you can figure out how to acquire all the tools, creatures, and other items you need to complete each map. In Mine Clone 4 you can toggle various options to handpick the type of environment you want to explore. Have a browse through our collection and try out our player-favourites. If you enjoyed these titles, don’t forget to explore our wider selection of simulation games here as well!


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